Dry Bones Hear the Word of the Lord

Wednesday 21 June 2023
A day of listening, learning and meaningful conversations
10am to 4pm at Sacrista Prebend Retreat House

“…fellowship (koinonia) is a crucial theological concept which has a central place in Christian thought. The main focus of the miseo dei is to restore the broken relationships between God and creation. Christ prays that the disciples should be one – so that the World will know the love of God. The community of faith is the training ground within which disciples are nurtured, equipped and sent forth. We therefore neglect the practice of fellowship at our own peril” *

Relational Church aims to “refocus our attention as Anglicans on the importance of fellowship as a foundational principle which underpins our shared mission and corporate worship.”

This day is open to those of all church denominations.

The facilitators from Relational Church will come from a range of backgrounds and theological perspectives and regard diversity of opinion as a strength not a weakness.

This day is intended as a discussion starter, not a discussion ender. This is a journey, not a conclusion. We merely hope to encourage further conversation and engagement with these issues, as we seek to become a simpler, humbler, and bolder Church.

* From Introduction to the book Building a Relational Culture: Finding Fellowship in the Church of England https://relationalchurch.uk/introduction

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Booking your place

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Event Details

  • Date: June 21, 2023 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Venue: Sacrista Prebend Retreat House