Christ the Organiser

Community organising is a powerful tool for achieving social change. Many churches get involved in community alliances because they want to make a difference in their local community. They often discover that organising has a number of helpful side effects…

Community organising can be used to build up and empower individuals and institutions. It is therefore a powerful tool for discipleship as well as mission.

Tim Norwood has been thinking about organising since he was a first-year student at university. As a Christian minister he has used organising to tackle tricky issues in church life. He was heavily involved in the Citizens UK alliance in Milton Keynes and served as co-chair of the Citizens UK Council. He is currently the National Ecumenical Officer for Local Ecumenism for the Church of England, and is still using community organising in his work.

This book contains some of his reflections on community organising from a Christian perspective. Tim believes that churches need to get organised in the face of twenty-first century challenges like the climate crisis, migration, and rapid social change.

Fundamentally, he believes that churches need to be more relational and less managerial. We need a more authentic way of being church which reflects the Jesus we follow.

This book is available as a paperback or Kindle e-book from Amazon.