A More Relational Church

Can These Dry Bones Live?

This set of sixteen resources is designed to offer you a range of ways of finding out more about how living more relationally in friendship and fellowship can lead to a healthier church which is naturally attractive to others.

There are four ‘pathways’ for you to follow, and you can mix and match them if you like. They are:

YELLOW JOURNEY – word-based resources for people who like to read information, talk about things and consider questions, perhaps in a study group.

GREEN JOURNEY – image and activity based for people who like to explore, create, look at images and get out and about.

BLUE JOURNEY – for people who like to engage with Scripture, use prayers, and use Christian reflections.

PINK JOURNEY – for people who want to explore Christian faith more deeply, and find out more about following Jesus. You can use these resources whether you are a Christian or not, as an individual study or in a group of friends. This grid shows you the range of the resources and how you can mix them:

ConversationsSick churchSad churchRelational church
The Still PointNestSanctuaryImagining Relationality
Bible Engagement
UncancelledTalking and being Talked aboutThe Un-thrown stoneThe hope of the new creation
Be more friendBe more kindBe more loveBe more Christ