Tim Norwood

I was born and baptised in Slough, and grew up in Aylesbury and rural North Bucks.  I studied theology in Aberdeen and Cambridge. I also spent two years with USPG in their Root Group scheme.  I have been Area Dean of Milton Keynes for fifteen years which has given me a good sense of how the structures and processes of the Church of England can both help and hinder mission and local church life.  I have strong commitment to collaborative leadership and social justice demonstrated by my involvement in national projects and campaigns. 

I have been a member of the Steering Group of the National Deaneries Network since 2008. We have organised a series of online Deanery Briefings during the pandemic, and engaged with General Synod on issues including the term limits for lay people.

I have also served as the co-chair of the UK Council for Citizens UK and was involved in national campaigns including the Real Living Wage, and Refugees Welcome. I helped build a partnership between Citizens UK and the Greenbelt Festival.

I am a member of General Synod and a trustee of the MK Rose.

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