The un-thrown stone: a meditation

Lord Jesus Christ,
We stand among thrown stones:
stones replete with mud and messages
of bitterness, anger, fear, scorn and hurt. 
Stones of righteousness; stones of sly demand;
stones of pure distress; stones that cry out.

Lord Jesus Christ,
We have seen those wounded and those slain
by stones. We have seen humiliation,
scapegoating, power, and endless, endless pain:
granites, basalts, flints, limestone, chalk.
All hurt, all scar our bodies, all break bones.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You stand between us and stones.
You hold out your hands to make us pause,
to clear the knapped flakes from our blinded eyes.
The fear and rage, those storms you make subside.
Love gathers others we would drive away.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You take the un-thrown stone
And give it to the one whom you have saved.
You challenge us to change and mend our lives.
You claim your cross so we can see
those stone-wounds now alive in your own body.

Lord Jesus Christ,
We place our un-thrown stones
on forgiving ground obedient to you,
reminders of your fierce and healing love,
your challenge to the best and worst of us,
to go in peace, your servants, at your Word.