Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has had refugee engagement and ministerial formation in his blood since the 1990s, when he was Director of a Theological College in Hungary and a volunteer at a refugee camp there. He is now Coordinator of the Training Team for the Diocese of Chelmsford (who train new lay ministers and curates and oversee continuing ministerial formation) and of the Communities for Ukrainians project. He was a Vicar for 13 years, and is the author of the Grove Books “Church Merger”, “Refusing to be Indispensable” and “Schools shaping Ministers”.

During lockdown, Andy presented a series of podcasts about Christian Community Organising with Caroline Beckett at, and he can no longer distinguish which of his thoughts on the subject were originally his own, and which are borrowed from Caroline; this is inevitably the case with his contribution to this ebook.